Google Chrome security warnings are coming, is your website ready?

By Gavin Phillips @ Cowshed Works Ltd

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In October 2017 Google will push Chrome version 62, this will have the usual fixes, updates and new features but the main thing website owners need to be aware of is the new "NOT SECURE" warning that will show up when users enter text into forms on non HTTPS pages.

This table (from Google) shows how Chrome 62 will look to users. As you can see 62 will push the "Not secure" message into the url bar when a user enters data into any form on the page. From what I can tell this is any kind of html text form element, so it will affect all kinds of forms but also search input fields.

What's not clear to me is how obvious the warning will be when it appears, if there's a very clear change in state of the page that the user clearly notices then I'd expect this update to have a significant impact on usage of forms on non HTTPS websites.

We discussed the first phase of this back in January where Google pushed the "Not secure" message into the url bar on page load for any non HTTPS pages that contained password or credit card fields. This is the next phase on Google's journey to HTTPS the web.

There's still breathing room here for simple websites that don't depend on forms if they want to stick with HTTP, or can't be bothered to change. Although it's worth bearing in mind that 2018 will probably bring some more significant warnings from new Chrome versions. There's not really much choice but to switch to HTTPS if you want to a) keep on receiving traffic from Google and b) have users be able to use your site properly when they land on it.

With the amazing (and free) Let's Encrypt service from the Internet Security Research Group there's really no excuse for not securing up your website now.

We're able to help with all of this stuff if you're worried about your site. We use Let's Encrypt on sites that run on our SaaS CMS Platform so our clients don't have to worry about any of this, infact they don't have to worry about anything like this because we manage it all, but that's enough showboating, nobody likes a showboater.

 Gavin @ Cowshed Works


Author: Gavin Phillips
Published: Aug 18, 2017 (1 year ago)

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