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Our market-leading website as a service platform

What is the Platform?
It's your own web team for a fixed monthly cost
What does it include?
Everything you want
What's the catch?
There isn't one

Why use the Cowshed:Works Platform?

Ordinarily, you'd need to set aside significant time and capital investment to have a suitable website built, hosted, maintained and protected for you. The Cowshed Works Platform is a one-stop solution which takes care of all aspects of your website's build, hosting and maintenance, alongside a whole host of other benefits. Coupled with our broad, in-depth industry and technical knowledge, we believe our service is unrivalled, as an end-to-end website build and management service.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the generic term applied when software, that is owned, delivered and managed by third party providers, is used. We've adopted the Website as a Service (WaaS) term to describe the nature of our Platform; we retain ownership of the software on which the Platform is delivered e.g. the CMS, Server Infrastructure and Helpdesk, and manage and deliver it to our clients on a subscription basis. You retain ownership of your website's content, design and output.

This model is tried and tested in the software industry, and in very similar forms, in more traditional areas such as car leasing. It's a widespread, efficient way in which businesses acquire use of the assets they need to operate successfully. We're just extending this proven concept to cover your website infrastructure too. This means that you get a fantastic, efficient, high-end website solution, at a low monthly price.

We believe that leasing through The Cowshed Works Platform is the perfect solution for SME business websites; we're your outsourced web department!

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