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Laravel storage directory file permissions

Created: Jun 1, 2017

This one catches me out every time I'm not using a Forge built server!

Design Patterns simply explained

Created: May 29, 2017

If, like me, you've decided to smarten up your PHP code you'll be needing to know about design patterns...

Laravel's Higher Order Messaging

Created: Apr 25, 2017

These arrived in 5.4 and I didn't really pay much attention, but they're actually quite interesting when you go behind the scenes

PHP OPCache production optimisation on Laravel Forge

Created: Apr 12, 2017

Laravel Forge now provides OPCache optimisation for production environments

Wordpress blogs defaced in hack attacks

Created: Feb 12, 2017

A security flaw in the WordPress blogging software has let hackers attack and deface tens of thousands of sites.

Converting PHP's deprecated mysql_ functions to mysqli

Created: Nov 10, 2016

It's 2016 and nobody should be talking about the mysql api, but I'm going to...

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