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Google Chrome security warnings are coming, is your website ready?

Created: Aug 18, 2017

Starting in October 2017 Chrome will start to warn users of "NOT SECURE" web pages

Cloudfare bug led to sensitive data being leaked and indexed by search engines

Created: Feb 24, 2017

A simple missing piece of a C routine led to a buffer overflow and what's techincally known as 'a total disaster'

Wordpress blogs defaced in hack attacks

Created: Feb 12, 2017

A security flaw in the WordPress blogging software has let hackers attack and deface tens of thousands of sites.

Why data protection is so important to your business

Created: Feb 7, 2017

The FSB explains why data protection is not just a legal necessity, but crucial to protecting and maintaining your business

ElasticSearch now being targeted by hackers

Created: Jan 13, 2017

The search software is now being targeted by ransomware hackers

Thousands of MongoDB installations being hacked

Created: Jan 11, 2017

The popular open-source NoSQL database is coming under criticism for its insecure default setup

Google Chrome to warn about non-HTTPS forms

Created: Jan 5, 2017

At the end of this month Google's Chrome browser update will include a 'Not secure' warning

How did the denial of service (DDoS) attack that took down Twitter, Netflix and Github work?

Created: Nov 8, 2016

We'll take a look at what took these services offline, how it did it and why it's bit of a worry for the future.

Do I need an SSL certificate / HTTPS for my small business website?

Created: Oct 10, 2016

A look at what HTTPS is and what it means for small businesses and websites

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