Joining your development team

Extending your development team to increase capacity

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A service we've been offering for several years now is joining an existing development team to either provide extra capacity to get through a backlog or just to get a specific task done.

Have a specific task you want us to work on?

We've worked on projects at all stages of the product lifecycle and we can jump in and help your team with anything that you've been putting off or hoping to get done but not had the time to.

Some of the things we can help with:

  • getting a feature finished and shipped
  • designing application architectures and schemas
  • getting a testing framework up and running
  • adding CI pipelines to build and test your applications
  • upgrading PHP or JS frameworks and libraries
  • upgrading servers and software versions
  • optimising slow databases
  • resolving issues that come up from pen tests
  • replacing end of life software that's become a security risk


Whatever it is we've probably seen it before and worked on it, if you'd like us to join your team for a few months to help with any challenges get in touch.

How do we work and how much do we charge?

Generally we work remotely with development teams from our office but onsite days are fine when needed. We charge a competitive day-rate and can provide references from agencies we've teamed up with.



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Want to discuss your next web project?

We're happy to host meetings at the cowshed or via a call, we're equally happy to come and meet you to discuss your project.

Just drop us a line and we'll get it booked in and get the ball rolling.