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Laravel Development in the UK

Laravel is an amazing leap forward in the PHP world but isn't amazingly well known outside of web developer circles, especially in the UK. For those not familiar with Laravel, it's essentially an MVC framework written in PHP and provides an array of very powerful features allowing web applications to be written and deployed rapidly.

If you know Ruby On Rails, Laravel is essentially Ruby on Rails for the PHP community, and it means Laravel developers don't have to learn Ruby to harness the power of Rails, which is great, especially for PHP / Laravel developers!

Laravel features

Laravel offers many features 'baked in' to the framework, these provide a solid basis for your application and mean you don't have to start from scratch every time:

  • Intuitive Active Record ORM
  • Powerful router with middleware
  • Queue system
  • Authentication & authorisation
  • Database migrations (with excellent model factories and seeding)
  • Comprehensive validation system
  • Templating / view engine


On top of that there are lots of official supporting packages to make non-trivial applications 100x easier to build:

  • Cashier - Build powerful subscription systems for your customers
  • Passport - OAuth2 server implementation, APIs made easy
  • Envoy - Run tasks on remote servers
  • Scout - Connect to search services like Algolia to build rich search experiences
  • Socialite - Authenticate your users with Facebook, Twitter, Google
  • Mix - Front-end javascript and css build automation
  • Echo - WebSockets for building chatrooms and realtime apps 
  • Jetstream - Out of the box user registration and authentication

Laravel has a thriving community with a huge range of packages and extensions available that allow development to move at an even quicker pace. The community is growing all the time and this is pushing the development of the eco-system at an impressive rate.

Cowshed Works & Laravel

We've been using Laravel for several years and have built lots of things in Laravel, in fact this website and our Website Platform Helpdesk is built on it. We've prototyped new ideas and have converted old procedural style PHP applications into Laravel. We have all the knowledge and skills to use it to get your project up and running.

Laravel upgrades and features

If you have an existing Laravel application that you want to upgrade to the latest version that's something we've done many times so can definitely help you with. If you'd like to add functionality to your application that's also something we can do, maybe you want to upgrade it to use the latest Jetstream user authentication scaffolding, or you want to integrate socialite to allow your users to log in via Facebook and Twitter? Whatever it is we can help you with it.

Why do we keep mentioning the UK?

The reason for this is that we want to make it crystal clear that when you work with us your Laravel project is developed and maintained entirely in the UK. We aren't a client-facing agency based here with the development team elsewhere, when you work with us we'll be handling the full life-cycle of the project from planning to coding to final deployment and maintenance.


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Want to discuss your next web project?

We're happy to host meetings at the Cowshed or via conference call, we're equally happy to come and meet you to discuss your project.

Just drop us a line and we'll get it booked in and get the ball rolling.

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