Laravel Development

"The PHP Framework For Web Artisans"

Laravel Development in the UK

Laravel is an amazing leap forward in the PHP world but isn't amazingly well known outside of web developer circles, especially in the UK. For those not familiar with Laravel, it's essentially an MVC framework written in PHP and provides an array of very powerful features allowing web applications to be written and deployed rapidly. If you know Ruby On Rails, Laravel is kind of the Rails for the PHP community, and it means Laravel developers don't have to learn Ruby to harness the power of Rails, which is great, especially for PHP/Laravel developers!

Laravel features

Laravel offers many features 'baked in' to the framework:

  • Intuitive Active Record ORM
  • Powerful router with middleware
  • Queue system
  • Authentication & authorisation
  • Database migrations (with excellent model factories and seeding)
  • Comprehensive validation system
  • Templating / view engine

If that's not enough there are lots of supporting packages:

  • Cashier - Subscription billing
  • Passport - OAuth2 server implementation
  • Envoy - Run tasks on remote servers
  • Scout - Harness the power of search services like Algolia
  • Socialite - Authentication with Facebook, Twitter, Google
  • Mix - Front-end build automation
  • Echo - WebSockets made easy

Laravel has a thriving community and it's developing at an impressive rate with new features being added all the time.

Cowshed Works & Laravel

We've built lots of things in Laravel, in fact this website and our Platform Helpdesk is built on it. We've prototyped new ideas in Laravel and have converted old procedural style PHP applications into Laravel. We have all the knowledge and skills to use it to get your project up and running.

Want to discuss your next web project?

We're happy to host meetings at the Cowshed, we're equally happy to come and meet you to discuss your project.

Just drop us a line and we'll get it booked in and get the ball rolling.

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