Custom websites built from scratch

Your website designed, created and hosted using our in-house CMS.

Image for blog post Custom websites built from scratch

What do you get?

  • A brand new, professionally designed website
  • Unlimited pages can be added via our CMS which allows you to add and edit your own pages. You can edit in your pages in a WYSIWYG or HTML editor, up to you. Any components we develop for you are able to be embeded straight into your pages.
  • Domain name configuration
  • SSL certificate
  • Security updates and technology upgrades


How much does it cost?

Websites built on our CMS start from £1250 + VAT. The CMS can handle any kind of custom extension you can think of, we'll need to write that code though as we don't use off-the-shelve packages, so there will be an extra cost for things like that.


What content management system is it based on?

It's our own system called Mill, it's built on Laravel and is highly optimised to get pages to users quickly. It doesn't carry lots of excess code that isn't needed, it has one job to do and it does it quickly.

Mill is designed to run a website in the same way that Wordpress does but it can also act as a CMS as part of a larger web application. So, for example, it can handle the brochure/marketing and blogging side of the website whilst other application code runs other business related code, it's quite clever like that!


Want to discuss your next web project?

We're happy to host meetings at the cowshed or via a call, we're equally happy to come and meet you to discuss your project.

Just drop us a line and we'll get it booked in and get the ball rolling.