A Staffordshire based web development company.


Areas which we have become very familiar with include:

  • Building complex websites including those with hundreds of thousands of content pages, content management systems, forums, social network functionality, databases, multiple languages.
  • Streamlining, simplifying and automating administration tasks associated with the management of a website e.g. information submitted by website users and customers, content updates posted to websites, automatic image processing, payment processing, preparing data in varying formats for consumption by people or machines.
  • Hosting and server advice including which package is likely to suit your business needs best and server migration, scaleable frameworks, databases and more to make your website fully scaleable for business growth.
  • Online product sales via Magento
  • Monetisation through subscription models
  • Software as a service models
  • Monetisation and analysis through Google advertising platforms including:
  • Google Analytics: Getting better understanding of the people using your website, how they're using it and how they are changing over time
  • Google Adsense: Advertising opportunities within the existing website using Google's adsense technology
  • DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP): This is Google's small business advertising management tool allowing businesses to sell, management and track their banner advertising inventory
  • Google AdExchange: The tool allowing business websites to sell advertising space to advertising networks, agencies and other buying groups, and to control and measure these sales
  • Google Amp: Ensuring website load times are optismised for the user, with the aim of improving SEO performance
  • Online publishing best practice, pitfalls and opportunities
  • PHP code security and other aspects of website security including software firewall configuration and code vulnerability testing
  • Recovering from SQL Injection attacks, finding the entry point and fixing it
  • SEO and traffic analysis, identifying why traffic is dropping and how to reverse the trend


Are you a start-up that has a great idea for a website that you want to get off the ground? We can help with viability checks, all website builds and specific application development. You can mine our knowledge on all aspects of website building, management and sale including all those areas listed above. We know what it's like to have a brilliant idea with a small budget, and wouldn't want the bank manager's lack of vision standing in the way of the next big thing. For these kind of projects we can look at various funding models to ensure that a lack of short-terms funds doesn't prevent the next big thing coming to fruition. We've love to hear from you. Drop us an email or pick up the phone :-)

Want to discuss your next web project?

We're happy to host meetings at the Cowshed or via conference call, we're equally happy to come and meet you to discuss your project.

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